Foam parties are one of the most fun and original ideas for all kinds of events and celebrations. And our foam cannons will make everything go to plan.


When we think about where we can use foam cannons, the typical foam parties for children come to mind.


But these foam cannons are also widely used at:


Adult parties


These types of parties have had huge growth in recent years, as the party atmosphere and somewhat concealing nature of the foam, provides dynamic fun.

A large consumer of this product is within nightclubs and dance halls.


For events


Hoteliers, restaurants, campsites and event planners use foam cannons at parties and can be included as part of their services.


For public and private celebrations


Some municipalities use foam cannons as an original alternative when organising various types of social events. In your major/popular parties or local celebrations


We have solutions for every occasion, some as good as FC2 or the SIROCCO FOAM CANNON that can shoot foam up to 10-12 metres high. Equally we have smaller and more manageable, easy-to-use machines such as fg1 or fc1


Aside from foam cannons we also have other materials and accessories that you can use at your foam parties.  From foam generators and long-lasting foam liquids, to different accessories that will help you. You can find them all in our sections:


– Machines / foam

– Consumables / liquids for effects


At OhFX we are specialised in all kinds of effects for events, if you have any questions about what material you should use for your event, please get in touch. We would be delighted to assist you in whatever way we can.