There are various different types of machines that launch confetti on the market. Depending on your needs and scale of the event you can use a particular type of confetti machine.

When we consider throwing confetti at an event, the most common thing is to think about the different types of confetti that exist (the shapes, colours and materials), but an important part of throwing confetti is deciding which machine you are going to use. There is a variety of confetti machines, each of them with specific characteristics that make them more suitable for certain occasions and events.

Additionally, a big difference is knowing whether you want a confetti blast or streamer, or on the contrary you want a continuous shower of confetti for a prolonged effect. That is why we often talk about shooting machines (Tornado, ETUBE, 4Club) or continuous effect machines (such as the Blaster, Hurricane or Sirocco)


Types of confetti machines


The type of event or occasion will have a lot to do with the characteristics and functions of the confetti  machine you choose. In some cases you will need a powerful launcher like our TORNADO, which is definitely the best confetti machine for stadiums and large events. Or the SIROCCO VULCANO HEAD that is capable of launching a spectacular volcano effect up to 10 metres high.

Or even our Blaster or Hurricane that provide spectacular effects of continuous confetti rain.


In other cases we are able to use simpler launchers, although no less powerful, filled for single use. At OhFX we are finalising a new system, the ETUBE, for these type of launches, which allows for greater efficiency and safety at a more economical price.



Either way, choosing the right confetti machine to use at your event can be the difference between a hit or miss. ¬†That’s why, at OhFx we are always ready to advise you based on your needs.