Soap bubbles can be the perfect match for creating a happy and enchanting environment during the performance, whether it be at an open air concert or performance, in a community centre, hall or club. And our professional bubble machine is perfect for amazing any type of audience with a wonderful bubble shower.

Incorporating soap bubbles during a public or private event will provide a fascinating and mysterious effect, which is achieved with our professional bubble machine BUBBLE STORM.

The BUBBLE STORM bubble machine, using its regulators, can manage the power of the front and back fans and the speed so as to produce the amount and size of the desired soap bubbles and to regulate the launching distance depending on the type of event. 

The possibility of fully regulating the bubble machine makes obtaining maximum performance of any type of bubble liquid possible. Optionally, the machine can be remotely activated and stopped and several bubble machines can be used remotely, connecting them together and so creating a bigger effect.

Apart from this bubble machine, we have several accessories and consumables that are compatible with the BUBBLE STORM. From the special liquid for bubble machines, to the different types of accessories that time the alternation of the effects, turn it on and switch it off, several channel controllers, remote buttons and connectors. You can find them in the following sections:

-Bubble machines

-Consumables/liquids for effects

At OhFX we specialise in all types of effects for events, if you have any doubts about which material you should use for your event, you can get in contact with us. We will be delighted to be able to advise you as much as we can.