In the world of special effects, the megatron effect is known for being different from the other smoke effects. Using pressure CO2, it launches and glorifies a specific moment at a performance, to then rapidly disappear.

This visual effect takes place thanks to the carbon dioxide stored in a bottle. Depending on the amount that we want to eject, we will need a smaller or bigger amount. Thanks to the contact of the CO2 with the air, a cloud of steam is created, which takes on its distinctive white colour thanks to the humidity.

Devices recommended to create the megatron effect.

CO2 JET SHOT to create spectacular columns at concerts or the

CO2 TWIN JET to simulate the megatron effect at a club.

CO2 GUN perfect for DJs and clubs.

HURRICANE GUN which besides launching CO2, it can be used as an impressive confetti gun giving a rainfall effect.


In any case, the decision regarding which machine to choose will depend a lot on what you want it for.

So, at OhFX we are always open to advising you in everything you need so that your event is a success.