At OhFx we take care of the sustainability of your event!

Who says shooting confetti is not environmentally friendly?
Who says that one of the most ancient ways of celebration is not Ecofriendly?

At OhFX sustainability is one of our major concerns and we take it seriously. That’s why we have 3 types of confetti, for different uses, all of them Ecofriendly.

    • Manufactured in tissue paper. For its composition (cellulose) the tissue-paper is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
    • Confetti in vivid colors, very light and highly resistant
    • Flameproof treated
    • It is the best and mostly used to shot with confetti machines in concerts and events
    • Manufactured in rice paper. It is not only biodegradable, but it also dissolves in contact with water in few seconds.
    • Because of its composition, it is NOT Flameproof
    • Less vivid colored confetti. Delicate structure easily broken when shot with confetti machines
    • Suitable for occasional use where a quick cleaning or disappearance of the confetti is required by dissolving it in water
    • Produced in 100% recyclable PVC
    • Bright and vivid coloured confetti
    • Highly resistant, but can be slippery on certain surfaces
    • Flameproof treatment
    • Only recommended for use indoors or outdoors where the cleaning can be guaranteed after use.