We are sustainable because … We have a million reasons!

We have published a manifesto that collects all our commitments and actions to contribute to sustainability. It’s titled  “We are sustainable because”.

We were tired of receiving environmental or sustainability reports from companies that only shows figures and numbers on paper.

So, we decided to synthesize our sustainability commitment on a poster with two goals: to inspire ourselves, and to see that we were already doing a lot of things well.

The manifesto includes in 8 main aspects in our sustainability policy, such as the elimination of products that are not sustainable from our portfolio; the fact that we only work with 100% compostable packaging; Our aim to work to improve the durability of each and every one of our products to reduce their impact; the commitment to recycling all equipment and parts; the use of green energies and the reduction of energy consumption and the carbon footprint.

You know what? The best will be that you take a look here.