The Oh!Fx Tsunami sweeps the first festival in Europe with more than 20,000 attendees

In a year in which we need to celebrate and return to normality at full throttle, we want to share our contribution to the success of Canet Rock, the festival that was held on July 3 in Canet de Mar and that was attended by 22,000 people.

Canet Rock has become the first concert in Europe with more than 20,000 attendees since the start of the pandemic and is part of an observational study to hold massive events.

And we were there to show, in a big way, the explosion of joy of the attendees and the musicians who recovered the stages. So at the height of the festival, our Tsunami, the most powerful confetti-throwing machine on the market, showed its great power!

Tsunami throws the confetti over 80-100 meters. So the Tsunami effect is experienced by all the public and not just those in the front row. You can shoot from 10kg to 20kg of confetti or a whole box of 15-20m streamers. It comes equipped with two tubes for both effects. Tsunami is a perfect solution for large concerts and outdoor events

And as always, all of our confetti and streamers are eco-friendly!